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El Rey Gets Accidental Mention in Esquire

elreyinterior.jpgThe November issue of Esquire features the Best New Restaurants in America and there's not any from Houston on the list. However, El Rey Taqueria (which specializes in casual Cuban/Mexican food) got a small shout out on the Esquire food blog, but it was totally meant for El Real Tex-Mex. J.C. Reid (aka @houston_foodie) pointed out the error. Here's what they said about El Rey (which isn't Tex-Mex and doesn't serve tacos al carbon), "The owners didn't want to upgrade Tex-Mex food; they just wanted to do it better than anyone in Houston. They succeeded. Best dish: tacos al carbon." UPDATE: It's been changed to "El Real" since the error was pointed out. [Esquire]
Photo [El Rey/Facebook]

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