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City Acre Gives Preview of What's to Come Next Fall

City Acre Brewing recently announced plans to open in October of 2012 on the northeast side of Houston, but the owners are already enticing folks out to the property for a series of preview events.

Saturday, future brewpub owners Matt Schlabach and Meredith Borders offered a glimpse into what will (if everything works out) become the one and only brewpub in the city of Houston. With lots of homemade stuff like mustard, sauerkraut, sausages and yes, even buns made with the same yeast used to ferment the beer, the couple celebrated their first "official" Oktoberfest at the property. And yes, there was lots of homebrew to be had as well.

Schlabach told Ronnie Crocker of Beer, TX (who was also in attendance Saturday) that he "envisions customers hanging out on couches upstairs, milling about in the spacious backyard or drinking his beer at umbrella-shaded tables on the front porch."

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City Acre Brewery

3421 Folger Street, Houston, TX Visit Website

City Acre Brewing

3421 Folger St., Houston, TX