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St. Genevieve Says No to Athletic Shoes

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Welcome to Eater Houston's newest feature, Dress Code Debacles, in which we recount stories of how certain attire affects experiences in (and out of) local restaurants and bars.
The shoes in question. [glovedirk]

If you're dressed even remotely casual, it appears that the new bar (and Heat Mapper) St. Genevieve in West Avenue will refuse to let you in the door. Especially if you're male, and especially if you're inclined to wearing white or athletic tennis shoes, and don't even think about wearing any "casual" jeans (whatever that means).

Daniel Glover, a local food and drink enthusiast, gives us his story of a dress code debacle that happened over the weekend when he tried to gain entry to the upscale bar, St. Genevieve.

So on Friday at about 9:45 I went to St. Genevieve to scout for a potential location for a friend's birthday party next month. I was wearing the [pictured] brown leather shoes, dark jeans, and a polo shirt. I approached the entrance (there was no line) and the nattily-dressed entrance attendant (too skinny to be called a bouncer) pulled me in close and whispered to me that he couldn't let me in because they have a very strict dress code. He specifically indicated no tennis shoes and "casual" jeans. I told him that my shoes weren't tennis shoes, were brown, leather Skechers but he couldn't let me in. He said my shoes were the issue, and then he quietly said, "We have to be strict with the dress code, you know, bro, especially the white tennis shoes/athletic shoes thing, because you know, we can't let those kinds of people in here. You know what I'm sayin' right?"

I hate to guess what he was implying, but regardless, I'm happy to take my loyal business elsewhere, such as Anvil and Pondicheri, where I spent the rest of my lovely evening feeling welcomed.

Want to bitch about the dress code somewhere or have a crazy story related to how what you were wearing (or what your patrons were wearing) affected your experience in a local bar or restaurant? Send us your account and you may end up on Eater Houston.

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St. Genevieve

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St. Genevieve

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