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Ruggles Green at CITYCENTRE is the Only 4-Star Certified Green Restaurant in Texas

Ruggles Green at CITYCENTRE was honored with a 4-Star Certification by the Green Restaurant Association (whose founder and executive director Michael Oshman flew in for the occasion), becoming the first restaurant in Texas - and one of only four in the country- to receive the designation.

Gone are the days when adjectives such as “green, local and sustainable” conjure up images of longhaired, ukelele-playing hippies. The staff at Ruggles Green at CITYCENTRE is working to create a green scene in Houston that is relevant and accessible, and now they've got an award to prove it.

A Few Reasons Why Ruggles Green is the Greenest Restaurant in Texas:

• They have a “Green Guy” – Federico Marques – dedicated to keeping the restaurant up to nationally-recognized green standards.
• They use all-natural meat products: no hormones, antibiotics or steroids.
• Everything is recycled: from plastic to glass to metal.
• Use of energy saving and water saving equipment.
• Composting with help from local farm “Animal Farm.”

Marques, whose business card literally says, "The Green Guy," summed up the Ruggles Green food philosophy: “If it’s not green, I don’t want anything to do with it.”

-Adrienne Ryherd

· Ruggles Green [Official Site]
· Green Restaurant Certifications [Official Site]
Photo: Michael Oshman gives the award to Federico Marques. [EHOU]

Ruggles Green CITYCENTRE

801 Town and Country Boulevard, Houston, TX 77024 713 464 5557 Visit Website

Ruggles Green

801 Town and Country Blvd, Houston, TX 77024