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Day 2 of Star Chefs International Chefs Congress: Houston Represents with Apples, Falafel Jokes and More

Houstonian and former MasterChef competitor Alvin Schultz is in NYC for the Star Chefs International Chefs Congress. He hunts down all the Houston chefs attending, demonstrating, competing and otherwise to bring us this report from the front lines.

Chefs Seth Siegel-Gardner (l) and Terrence Gallivan (r) "exploring" apples. [Alvin Schultz]

Day two started as I joined Top Chef All Stars winner Richard Blais for a cooking demo featuring Blais' Hamachi with fried chicken early in the morning.

Later in the day, chefs Seth Seigel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan prepared an "exploration" of apples for show attendees. The Pilot Light RG's afternoon snack was composed of salt crusted apple, apple fondant, shaved apple, blue cheese, and apple butter.

Austin pastry chef Phillip Speer of Austin's Uchi (coming soon to Houston) shared a dessert from his menu featuring flavors of tobacco, scotch, huckleberry, and smoke shop pecans. During the demo, chef Speer exchanged some witty banter with former stage chef Rebecca Masson (Fluff Bake Bar/Top Chef Just Desserts) ultimately landing the low blow (but still funny) falafel joke.

Eater Houston's ICC coverage continues tomorrow as chef Seth Siegel-Gardner competes in the Vitamix Challenge.

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