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A Blatantly Prejudiced Review of Karanchos on Yelp

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While gathering up all the pertinent information for our recent Eater Houston 38, which debuted on Monday of this week, we came across this scathing review of Karanchos (which made the list). In it, a yelper from Las Vegas, NV, Lisa K., goes off on a rant about "a group of illegals who showed up one day w/a roach coach and parked it."

Before you read it, some background: Karancho's, in Channelview, started out as a taco truck and expanded into a full service restaurant with a large patio. They serve tacos and roast meats over open fires. And now, for the review...brace yourselves.

I can't believe this place has NOT been shut down by the health department! I'm required to give it one star and that's the ONLY reason I did so. This place is a blight on the community, it's disgusting! It's just a group of illegals who showed up one day w/a roach coach and parked it, then put up an open pit NEXT TO THE RAILROAD TRACKS and started cooking! The smoke is so thick that it diminishes visibility for passing motorists DRIVING OVER RAILROAD TRACKS! It smelling like they are cooking dog (roadkill) with the fur still on it! I literally dry heave every time I think about that smell, you CAN'T get it out of your nose-like decomposition!

Since they started this unsanitary and illegal operation, dozens of other rolling roach coaches have parked in the area blaring music and endangering public health. DO NOT EAT HERE IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH! It's literally eating off a taco truck, it's like being trapped in Mexico and not in a good way. I bet if you slip them an extra couple of bucks they will slip you a Mickey, steal your wallet and dump you next to the railroad tricks literally about 10 feet away then you will really get the feel of a vacation in Mexico.

Thanks to them this place is going to hell in a hand basket! Disgusting! This is NOT even a restaurant, it's a ROACH COACH with tents and a makeshift building built around it so they can haul ass (literally) if they are busted by Johnny Law! You're better off scraping up road kill and taking it home to cook if you have a death wish or you could just eat at this hell hole! It's your health, eat at your own risk!

What's possibly more disturbing than the actual review is the fact that 15 people found it "funny" and 1 person found it "useful." By the way, all those health violations Lisa K. is fond of mentioning are basically non-existant. Here's a link to their latest health inspection.

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620 Sheldon Road, Channelview, Texas


620 Sheldon Rd, Channelview, TX