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9 Unusual Tools Houston Chefs Use in Their Kitchens

Shamwows all in a row, Justin Bayse's freakiest kitchen tool.
Shamwows all in a row, Justin Bayse's freakiest kitchen tool.

The day-to-day of chefing sometimes comes down to not burning yourself or avoiding chopping off necessary fingers - in Texas this is usually the trigger finger.
So what do chefs use to tackle everyday obstacles? Well the equipment they use falls somewhere between a $10,000 knife blade and a shamwow. From the looks of it, Houston chefs would be happy ravaging either a garage sale or an operating table for their tricks of the trade.

1) Justin Bayse/Les Sauvages
Tool: Shamwow
Purpose: Used to dry meat after sous vide and before searing.

2) Peter Jhanke/Les Sauvages
Tool: Soccer shin guard
Purpose: Used to protect the wrist during butchering

3) Ryan Pera/Revival Market
Tool: Debakey vascular forceps, mosquito clamp, hemostat clamp, garden hose.
Purpose: Everyday cooking

4) Rebecca Masson/Fluff Bake Bar
Tool: Broom handle
Purpose: Used to shape tuiles and cannolis

5) Jody Stevens/Jody Cakes
Tool: Wine bottle
Purpose: Covered in flour used to roll fondant

6) Monica Pope/t'afia, Beavers
Tool: Blue plastic thing, once part of a child’s toy
Purpose: Now keeps the convection oven door open

7) Seth Siegel-Gardner/Pilot Light RG
Tool: Cake tester
Purpose: Used to check meat temperatures.

8) Paul Petronella/Paulie’s
Tool: Fire Extinguisher
Purpose: Used to put out fires

9) Ryan Le Chaine/Les Sauvages
Tool: Hockey Stick
Purpose: Used to stir a pot, during a crawfish boil.

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