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Beer Wars: Is Silver Eagle Singling Out No Label Brewing Company Taps at Houston Bars?

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There's a rumor floating around that the sales reps for Silver Eagle (the distributor in town for Budweiser, among others) are out to get No Label Brewing Co. and there's a price on each tap handle they take down. From a recent Facebook status message on a craft beer advocate's page, Silver Eagle is "paying their reps $300 for every No Label Brewery tap they are able to take down in Houston bars. Reps are offering cash, free kegs, etc. to bar owners to replace NL on their walls."

Within the industry, it's no secret that brewery taps (on-draft brews for those that don't speak beer) are uber competitive, but singling out a new, teeny-tiny microbrewery in Katy seems a bit extreme for the second-largest beer wholesaler in the nation.

While we have no confirmation from Silver Eagle on the matter, a representative for No Label informs us that their distributor, Duff Beer and Wine, informed them of the rumored sales tactics earlier this week.

"I don't know whether to be shocked or flattered," says Jennifer Royo, co-owner of No Label Brewing Co.

Eater spoke with a sales representative from Silver Eagle this morning who declined to comment on the situation, but promised to look into the matter and get back to us. If they respond, we'll certainly update this post.

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Photo: No Label Brewing Co. during a Saturday tour. [No Label Brewing Co./Facebook]

No Label Brewing Co.

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