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Best Tweets From the City Council Meeting About Proposed Changes to Parking Ordinance

There's a bit of a hubbub in Houston lately over proposed changes in current city regulations involving the number of parking spaces bars and restaurants are required to provide for patrons. Today, there was a City Council meeting addressing the issue, and we've got a roundup of the best tweets on the matter (most of them tweeted from the meeting itself).

If you want to know more about the proposed changes and how they affect local businesses, check out a recent post from concerned entrepreneur/local bartender, Bobby Heugel on the matter.

@Bobby_Heugel Great turnout today at parking ordinance meeting. I continue to be inspired by the unity and passion of our local industry on this issue.

@kylejack To me, Grand Prize is a perfect example of how just street parking can work out perfectly fine for a bar.

@tetsujustin now they're attacking our grandfathering laws. Offering incentives for landlords to develop their spaces needing high parking requirements.

@aliceinreality Co-citizen Brenda whispers to me that increased bar parking implicitly encourages drunk driving. A MAJOR problem so far unmentioned #pkgmin*

@aliceinreality gonzalez mentions need to own lots of land & or do too much work to find leases for small biz. Bringing the #classwar! #pkgmin*

@DavidLeftwich68 Upset about parking regs that will be destructive to Houston's small businesses, write the Mayor & Council today => Eclectic Refrigerator

@themodular Great council meeting on parking issues with one exception, the council member who dogged food trucks without facts straight. Uphill battle.

*@aliceinreality live tweeted the entire meeting session on parking issues. We highly recommend reading her Twitter stream for a rundown of what happened.

· Bobby Heugel's Take on Proposed Changes to Parking Regulations [EHOU]