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Burger Girl No Longer Serving Burgers in Houston Area

Gary R Wise

Burger Girl's short tenure in the Houston area is now over. Wuh-wah. According to B4-U-Eat, the only remaining location of two (the one in Willowbrook closed first) has shuttered.

Apparently, while Burger Girl is "2 for 2," the location itself is "3 for 3." Previously, it housed a Ruby Tuesdays, Pete & Shorty's and lastly, the ill-fated Burger Girl. What will fail there next?

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· Burger Girl Closed on Katy Fwy [B4-U-Eat]

Burger Girl

17790 Katy Fairway, Houston, Texas 77094 281 398 2223

Burger Girl

17790 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX