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Top 6 Quotes from Katharine Shilcutt's Top Chef Texas (First Episode) Recap

Original photo: eflon/flickr

In case you've been hiding under a culinary rock, there was a premiere last night, and it was Top Chef Texas. The same show that the state of Texas paid to film here, left out Houston, blah, blah, blah. You know the story by now.

Houston Press food critic (and anti-Top Cheffer) Katharine Shilcutt did her own recap of the show, and because you've probably not heard enough commiserating about the show using Texas stereotypes, how Houston was left out, etc., we're offering a recap of her recap, in quote form.

1) "Let's see a Texas bereft of the fourth largest city in the nation, and the one that arguably houses the best and most forward-racing food scene. Am I pissed off that Bravo passed up Houston? Absolutely."

2) Regarding the opening credits: "Also, there are roughly 50 establishing shots of boots or boot stores or neon signs shaped like boots. And, of course, some calf roping. Therefore, as a proud seventh-generation Texan who neither owns boots nor calves, I already want to shoot myself."

3) Token nut cheese reference: "'s Colin, the guy who can't dissociate George W. Bush from Texas. Yeah, that guy. He sounds like a hipster who makes stuff out of nut cheese."

4) More about nut cheese: "'This is a disaster.' He's quickly dismissed. BYE-BYE, SEATTLE." - Yes, we also experienced a slight bit of schadenfreude when Seattle boy was dismissed.

5) On the remaining chefs, "not nearly enough Texan chefs are represented on Top Chef: TEXAS. Augh."

6) "Meanwhile, on Twitter, Bravo just asked some dickheaded question like 'Is this the most tatted season yet?' and I'm back to hating them again." -With good reason.

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