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Introducing the Eater Awards 2011

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May we have your attention please? Eater is proud to announce the second annual Eater Awards, a celebration of everything that has made America's restaurant world run—and run wild—in the past twelve months, presented by our friends at Patrón.

Over the following week, in each Eater city, Eater editors and readers alike will be voting and deciding on categories including but not limited to Restaurant of the Year, So Hot Right Now, Chef of the Year, Bartender of the Year, and Best Bathroom, all leading up to Judgement Day, Monday, November 14, when winners will be feted on Eater and at a gala special event in New York City. This is your heads-up. If there are any nominations you must not wait one second longer to make, hit the comments. Otherwise, starting 9AM this coming Monday: let it begin.

The Eater Awards 2011 would not be possible not only without presenting sponsor Patrón Tequila but also the event's product sponsors—Seamless, Organic Valley, USA Pears, Sixpoint Craft Ales, Whole Foods, Pat LaFrieda, Forever Cheese, and Sokol Blosser—and participating restaurants—Mission Chinese, Cookshop, Franklin BBQ, Baohaus, flour + water, Beast, Pok Pok, Red Farm, and Marble Lane. We salute them all.

eater-awards-2011-seamless.png eater-awards-2011-organic-valley.png USA_Pears_EA.jpg Sixpoint_EA.jpg Whole_Foods_EA.jpg eater-awards-2011-pat-lafrieda.png eater-awards-2011-mitica.png eater-awards-2011-dehesa.png eater-awards-2011-sokol-blosser-2.png