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Scenes From The Last Organic Outpost's FarmFest

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There's even a handy little play area for kids.
There's even a handy little play area for kids.


On Saturday, the vast expanse of vegetables, abandoned art cars, random folk art and greenery that is The Last Organic Outpost in Houston's Fifth Ward held their annual fall celebration known as Farmfest. There were the typical hippie vendors you'd expect at an urban garden non-profit's celebration like a henna tattooer, and an oracle card reader, but then again there were others like a local pig farm selling grilled sausage made from their own livestock. What they all had in common was a heading befitting of the SLGT movement, "Support Local Grow Together."

It doesn't have to be a special celebration for you to pay them a visit, though. Volunteers that work at least two hours at the facility that marries art and gardening (hence the "Farmart" mural you'll see in the gallery) can take home a bag of freshly picked vegetables in return.

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