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Saint Arnold Winter Stout; Karbach Beers A-Brewing

Karbach Brewing Co./Facebook

SAINT ARNOLD — The patron saint of Houston beer should have its seasonal winter stout in stores by the middle of next week. Also, now is the time to start thinking St. Patrick's Day — that is, if you have the genetic ability to grow facial hair. The Donegal beard-growing contest begins in January, when contestants are expected to submit clean-shaven photos before the race for the Abraham Lincoln-worthy prize begins. [Eaterwire]

KARBACHSmoked doppelbock and a double batch of Hellfighter Imperial Porter are in the tanks. [Twitter]

BUFFALO BREWING — Houston's newest beer provider just installed their equipment in the Heights brewery last week and paint is going up today. The first official batch of 1836 should be brewing by the end of the month. [Eaterwire]

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

2000 Lyons Avenue, , TX 77020 (713) 686-9494 Visit Website