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Eater's MoW* Guide to Holiday Party Eats in Houston

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Mac 'n' Cheese, BBQ, Pulled Pork, and Chicken Parm photos via Shutterstock.
Every Man of the World* has a Heineken BeerTender®. After all, it lets you have the premium experience of pouring fresh Heineken draught beer right at home. It's probably the greatest gift in the world. Secretly, you'd love to buy one for yourself, but you can't. It's the holidays after all — buying yourself a gift looks selfish.

Until now. Introducing BeerFriender, a first of its kind Facebook application that matches you up with a like-minded stranger who's also in the market for a BeerTender®. Instead of buying BeerTenders for yourselves, the app makes it look like you bought them for each other. It’s going to change gift-giving as we know it.

Now that you are set with your BeerTender®, it’s obviously time to throw the perfect holiday party. Check out our list of Houston's best to-go-friendly food spots to accompany your home-poured draught.

1.) Revival Market: All local ingredients make for some mighty fine holiday munchies. Also, it's a butcher shop, which is super manly.

2.) Relish Fine Foods: It's homemade and runs the gamut of cuisines. And, for men of the world, there's even a way to place "special" orders, if you know what we mean...

3.) Pondicheri: An upscale-ish Indian diner combines comfort foods with a touch of sophistication and tops it all off with the flavors of exotic spices.

4.) Central Market: Salads? Check. Hot hors d'oeuvres? Check. Fruits and vegetables galore? Check. Truly well-rounded and delicious.

5.) Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown: A Houston institution with lots of worldly options including housemade baklava.

6.) Radical Eats: Shhh, don't tell anyone it's vegan. No one will ever know the difference once they taste the handmade tamales that they've become famous for.

Radical Eats

3903 Fulton Street, Houston, TX 77009 Visit Website

Relish Fine Foods

3951 San Felipe Street, Houston, Texas 77027 713 599 1960 Visit Website

Phoenicia Specialty Foods

1001 Austin Street, , TX 77010 (832) 360-2222 Visit Website


2800 Kirby Drive, , TX 77098 (713) 522-2022 Visit Website

Revival Market

550 Heights Boulevard, , TX 77007 (713) 880-8463 Visit Website