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Ladies' Night at Piola; The Modular Delivers

MIDTOWN — We can think of at least one thing more tempting than Italian pizza and wine, but for a Tuesday night, ladies' night at Piola sounds pretty attractive. Starting at 7pm until close, women can purchase any glass of wine on the menu for $2.95 per glass. [Piola/Facebook]

HEIGHTS — Fancy cocktails out of plastic cups is a thing now, take note. Every Tuesday at Fitzgerald's open jukebox night, Eater Award nominated bartender Justin Burrow mixes up classics like brambles, Sazeracs and gimlets for $7 a drink. Look out for the red "Play Now" button the jukebox and make yourself some enemies while you're at it. [Eaterwire]

MONTROSE — Food truck The Modular is planning on starting delivery service for a limited Montrose area every Wednesday through Friday beginning this week. If there's something wrong with not getting off the couch for a soft-shell crab sandwich and having a man drive a scooter two miles to bring it to you instead, we don't want to know. [Twitter]

Photo: [Piola/Facebook]


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