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UPDATED The Critics: Rice Box Truck

riceboxtruck-eow.jpgWhile Rice Box Truck is getting a "must-try" designation from Culturemap, Nicholas Hall was only lukewarm to most of the dishes he tried for Eating Our Words, although he was super polite about it. His General Tso's was "admirably balanced," but there were a few pieces of chicken where the "coating turning a bit chewy, their insides a bit stringy," as well as sweet and sour chicken that was "thin and undeveloped." On his second trip, things were looking up when he had the Golden Doomba Special, aka, fried chicken, which he found "completely arresting." UPDATE: From Nicholas Hall himself, "I just don't feel that 'luke warm' is an accurate characterization of my overall impression," who wanted to clarify that it was, in fact, warmer than it sounded. [EOW]