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An All-Local Dinner at Barbed Rose; Hey Babe Brewery

The site of the Go Texan dinner tonight.
The site of the Go Texan dinner tonight.

ALVIN—To celebrate the one year anniversary of The Barbed Rose Steakhouse & Seafood Co., a "Go Texan" dinner is happening tonight. As one might expect, the offerings are all made or sourced from Texan ingredients. [Facebook]

FOOD PORN—The first Les Sauvage pop-up dinner (a growing Houston culinary trend) was last night and there are plenty of food pictures to make you salivate for the next. Les Sauvage is a group of regional chefs from New Orleans to Austin to Houston collaborating on one-off fancypants dinners at the Hofheinz House near the Museum District. [29-95]

BREWERY NEWS—Houston is the new mecca for microbreweries, with literally a new one popping up every day. The latest find: Hey Babe Brewery, which Eater discovered by perusing the annals of Facebook. If nothing else, the sexy lady silhouette logo should provide some fun commentary and plenty of haterade. [Facebook]

The Barbed Rose

113 E Sealy St., Alvin, TX