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No Top Chef for Houston After All?


The evolution of the Top Chef Texas rumors have been a roller coaster ride, especially for Houston. In a bit of Debbie Downer news, it seems the latest tip could confirm suspicions that Houston will not be a part of Top Chef Texas filming. Wuh wah...

Our tipster supposedly heard from a TCTX film crew member that there would be no trip to Houston after Austin filming wraps. Instead, filming will finish back in San Antonio around August 6 before finale production starts. Yes, we also heard a tip that Houston was in, but here's a reason it's called rumor mongering, right?

To sum up the madness, here's our Top Chef Texas timeline:

6/29 Top Chef crew spotted in San Antonio.
7/5 Top Chef Texas rumors begin swirling. Locations on the possible itinerary (besides San Antonio) include Dallas and Austin.
7/11 Houston Convention and Visitor's Bureau lets us in on the news that they were approached by a third party negotiating cash for Top Chef location filming in the city. On the same day, a tip surfaces that Houston is in.
7/13 Dallas is first to deny ponying up cash in exchange for filming in their city, but confirms they were approached. Austin also claims no money went out and all the Texas tourism boards say they didn't pay up.
7/15 The first pictures of cheftestapants surface from a Whole Foods in San Antonio. Austin's Paul Qui of Uchiko (and soon to be Uchi here in Houston) is definitely on the show.
7/18 Tip received that Houston is indeed, the red headed stepchild of the culinary world and will be snubbed by Top Chef producers that think big hair, the Alamo and vegan hippies make better television than good food. Just sayin'.

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