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UPDATE Top Chef: Just Desserts; How to Easily Entertain

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TEASER—The Eatsie Boys continue to taunt us with little sneak peaks of their new ice cream/dessert truck; first the new logo and now the new paint job. But it looks like their ice cream could be unleashed sooner rather than later with this comment on the new photo, "We hope to be on the streets next week." [Facebook]

UPDATE—Looks like fluffernutter queen Rebecca Masson isn't the only Houstonian on Bravo's next season of Top Chef: Just Desserts. In our haste to congratulate the self-proclaimed sugar hooker, we missed the fact that Vanarin Kuch of Tiny Boxwood's also made the show. [CM]

RIVER OAKS—What happens when's Houston Cheap Eats editor Mike Ricetti and "legendary sign-less make-out bar" Marfreless general manager Michael Wells get together to write a book? The Guide to Ridiculously Easy Entertaining, of course. Eating Our Words explains that "The guide covers every aspect of party planning for the non-professional," but doesn't explain how the two authors learned the craft of ridiculously easy entertaining. Alas, we'll have to purchase it on our e-reader (for $9.99) to find out. [EOW]

Photo: Vanarin Kuch [BravoTV]

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