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Welcome to Eater Houston

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2011_eater-houston-icon.jpgHouston, we have an Eater. We've been brushed off, underestimated, snubbed and forgotten as a major food presence in these United States but guess what? All our righteous bitchin' paid off, because now we have Eater Houston to push our food obsession to a new level. Let the fun (and validation—not that we needed it) begin.

We're over the moon about joining the Eater National family of sites, which now includes New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Seattle and as of today, our compatriots in Dallas and Atlanta.

Allow us to introduce ourselves starting with me, editor of Eater Houston, Amber Ambrose (yes, that's my real name). A nomad of the writing world, I started my first paid project the day I arrived home from the hospital with my infant daughter (no lie), so I'm pretty fond of this profession to say the least. I haven't looked back since I started writing about food for several national and local outlets. Oh, and just so you know, I'm also married to one of the bearded dudes that works at the Saint Arnold Brewery. Glad we got that out of the way. But enough about me...

Eater Houston will deliver tasty original reporting; user-generated tips; rants and raves; and a finely tuned round-up of what the rest of the restaurant and food media around town—and the nation—are talking about. And while you may not find recipes, food porn or reviews on the site, with your help we will have news juicier than a medium rare T-bone steak, smothered in butter. This is Texas after all.

"My help" you say? Yes, about that. We want you to let us in on every detail out there in the Houston food land—whether it be openings, closings, crazy signage, bizarro incidents, celebrity sightings, funny menu typos, finding a shoe in your bisque, watching a chef storm out and setting fire to the restaurant, running into the Top Chef judges at a random bar, or anything remotely interesting—we are here to listen...and then post about it. Send those juicy tips to And thanks in advance for offering a warm welcome (we hope) to the new kid on the block.