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UPDATED: Kreuz Creek Closing Before it Opens?

But what will happen to all those beautiful kegs?
But what will happen to all those beautiful kegs?
Kreuz Creek/Facebook

Rumors were swirling this weekend at the Open the Taps launch party that Kreuz Creek Brewing Company, which has a logo, a website, merchandise and a location - is not going to open after all.

We're still awaiting confirmation from Kreuz Creek owner and brewer, Jeff King about the news (and still secretly crossing our fingers that it's not true). On their Facebook page, Kreuz Creek stated that tours and operations were to begin this summer, but both their Facebook and Twitter accounts have remained eerily silent since July 1.

UPDATE 8/4/11: Eater finally received a response from Kreuz Creek founder, Jeff King, albeit cryptic. It seems King "can't confirm anything yet due to ongoing negotiations with another party." Perhaps the possibility of sipping a Kreuz Creek beer in the not-so-distant future is still alive?

· Kreuz Creek Brewing Company [Official Website]

Kreuz Creek Brewing Company

12600 Exchange Dr., Stafford, TX