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Joe V's Smart Shop Moving In; What is a Lubruckers?

The new Joe V's off 290.
The new Joe V's off 290.

GROCERIES—Texas grocery chain, HEB, is branching out with a slew of new grocery stores oddly named, Joe V's Smart Shop. The new stores, the first of which are open on Antoine and Uvalde, are marketed on low price points. Look for the barn-like entrance on the soon-to-open 290 and 43rd location. [Eaterwire]

ROMANCE—If you're looking for a happy ending, 29-95 compiled a list of the most romantic restaurants (and a few bars) in the city to counter a recent Travel & Leisure list ranking Austin higher than Houston when it comes to being single (possibly adding insult to injury for those not in relationships). A few on the list include the token Tony's, Le Mistral and Brennan's. [29-95]

HEIGHTS—It's finally here - more burger goodness descended on the Heights when Hubcap Grill's second location (the first is downtown) opened yesterday to an enthusiastic crowd. [CM]

EAST SIDE—A match made in KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combo heaven, the Luby's on I-10 outside the East Beltway is now conjoined with a Fuddruckers. While it seems like an odd combination, it may make more sense if you know that Luby's bought out Fuddrucker's last year. Perhaps the new conglomerate should be appetizingly renamed Lubruckers. [SL]

Hubcap Grill Downtown

1111 Prairie Street, Houston, TX 77002 Visit Website

Hubcap Grill

1133 W 19th St, Houston, TX