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Eatsie Boys Announce Plans for 8th Wonder Brewing in EaDo

The Eatsie Boys' colorful trailer.
The Eatsie Boys' colorful trailer.
Eatsie Boys/Facebook

It's not exactly a secret that the food truck purveyors known as the Eatsie Boys have plans in motion to expand their mobile eatery into a mini-empire. Just yesterday, this tweet went out from their account: "Just a reminder that we'll be down 4 a few weeks as we're making repairs, launchin the ice cream & dessert truck, & opening a microbrewery."

Local beer blog, Lushtastic, broke the details of said brewery and revealed the new name: 8th Wonder Brewing. Due to copyright issues the (now) Drinksie Boys switched from original plans to name the place Heady Brewing to the Astrodome-referencing final moniker. Permits have been submitted, but chances are no pints will be available for sampling until sometime next year.

· 8th Wonder Brewing [Lushtastic]

Eatsie Boys

2202 Dallas Street, , TX 77003 Visit Website

8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas Street, , TX 77003 (713) 581-2337 Visit Website

8th Wonder Brewing

2202 Dallas St., Houston, TX