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Love Shack Loses the 'Love'; A Burger Named After Satan

Capasante with crispy artichokes at Vic & Anthony's.
Capasante with crispy artichokes at Vic & Anthony's.

CYPRESS—The outrageous burger joint formerly known as the Love Shack has dropped the amorous first word of their name to become simply, The Shack. We're only conjecturing here, but perhaps it had a little something to do with Texan chef, Tim Love's identically named chain which also serves burgers. [Eaterwire]

WESTCHASE—Speaking of burgers, the Burger Guys announced the re-arrival of a burger unappetizingly titled "Satan's Anus" with habanero, chile piquin and Thai chiles. No shocker here: it has been described as "butt-burning." [@TheBurgerGuys]

DOWNTOWNTonight is the Mid Summer Beer dinner at Vic & Anthony's. For $55 you get snacks, seven beers, five courses and presumably a pretty decent buzz. Call Staci at 713.228.1111 for last minute reservations. [@c_e_rodriguez]

The Shack

212 32 48th Avenue, Queens, NY 11364 (718) 539-5115

The Shack

16602 Cypress-Rosehill Road Cypress, TX

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