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Burger Palace Earns One Star in Cook's Weekly Review

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When veteran food critic, Alison Cook's Burger Friday column takes an occasional break, burger purveyors get more of the spotlight in the full weekly Chronicle reviews. Last month, Bernie's Burger Bus had Cook swooning, so this week's Burger Palace had a tough and juicy act to follow.

The Galleria-area burger joint that spawned the Burger Guys (you can read about the drama in the full review) was likable, not lovable. Complaints included a too-massive top bun, ingredient combinations failing to impress and nothing-to-write-home-about fries. In a burger town where "great has become the new normal" anything less than totally ridiculous will only earn a single star.

· Restaurant Review: Burger Palace [29-95]

Burger Palace & Bistro

2800 Sage, Houston, TX