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Restaurant Week(s) Kick-off; Misogyny Brewing

Good Dog Hot Dogs food truck.
Good Dog Hot Dogs food truck.
Good Dog/Facebook

HOUSTON—The month-long collaboration of restaurants benefitting the Houston Food Bank now known as Houston Restaurant Weeks (after a small controversy over use of the word month), begins today and continues through August 31. Find the participating restaurants and their special menus here. [Facebook]

CHEFS TOUR—The Houston CVB's "Where the Chefs Eat" tours have been selling like hotcakes. The latest available tickets went on sale at noon today for the Robb Walsh/Hugo Ortega Food of the Americas tour on September 18. Robb Walsh is former Houston Press food critic and cookbook author, Hugo Ortega is restaurateur and chef of Hugo's, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Montrose. There will be Guatemalan, Brazilian, Peruvian and other Central and South American cuisines. [CVB]

HEY BABE—The brewery we spotted on Facebook recently with the suggestive mudflap-ish logo is not a joke. Hey Babe Brewery's beer line up includes several different styles and intensely cheesy names including Hey Babe (their namesake), Hey Honey and Hey Sweetie. Maybe their next move should be to hire someone in marketing or PR. [Lushtastic]

UPDATE—Good Dog Hot Dogs food truck was recently in the shop for repairs right after a glowing write up from Houston Chronicle food critic, Alison Cook. But they're hitting the pavement with their gourmet hot dogs once again starting this Wednesday at Liberty Station from 6-11 p.m. [Facebook]