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Dallas Food Snob Eats on the 'Cheap'; Former Statesman Critic's New Food Journalism Site Launch

DALLAS — Eater Dallas interviews the snobbiest food snob in town: a charmer whose wife challenged him to eat three meals a day for less than $12.50 per meal, and warns diners at the Smoke barbecue restaurant to quit stealing their adorable tableware, lest they inadvertently brand themselves. [-EDFW-]

AUSTIN — Eater Austin's got the details on former Statesman critic Mike Sutter's "food journalism" site and interviews Takoba owner Jose de Loera on the sweet satisfaction of being construction-free on Seventh Street for the first time in years. [-EATX-]

STATEWIDE — It's official: Top Chef Texas is real, as any good Eater reader would know based on our weeks of tips and photos. Plus: an East Texas man has been sentenced to four years in prison for scamming credit card numbers from a Chicken Express, while the town of Big Spring is set to start recycling toilet water because the drought has put them in such dire straits. [Star-Telegram,, -E-]

Photo: The frequently stolen plates at Smoke, in Dallas. [Smoke/Eater Dallas]