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Down House Response to the Now-Infamous Twitter Incident

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Now that the firestorm over a Down House patron being asked to leave over a tweet has been reduced to embers (but only after local news station KPRC got in on the story), it seems rationality is returning once again to all involved.

Down House posted a lengthy response to the incident and co-owner Chris Cusack took "full responsibility for not responding sooner, for not clarifying the details, and for not talking to Allison directly and clearing things up."

But he doesn't back down on the reasons why patron Allison Matsu was asked to leave after she sent this tweet (which has since been deleted), "I like how I'm sitting at Down House and the twerp behind the bar is saying, 'and I quote Bobby Heugel....' #jackoff."

Cusack says, "At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to protect our staff, and I think standing up for them when someone calls them a jackoff is a positive move."

Bobby Heugel, the man, the myth, the legend, who was at the center of the controversial tweet, even posted his own response to the series of unfortunate events. He offered the following words of wisdom, "Houston Food Folks: Some of y’all need to chill."

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