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Disastrous Houston Beer Fest Adds Festivities in Austin

Houston Beer Fest/Facebook

The Houston Beer Fest organizers are adding an Austin Beer Fest to next year's agenda. Austinites, you have been warned.

Houston Beer Fest, not to be confused with the Texas Beer Fest (whose inaugural event was also this year) was not just mildly disastrous, it was make-the-evening-news-as-lead-story disastrous. Problems with this year's event started with doubts about the charity connected to the event and ended with masses of angry, sweaty folks demanding their money back from the severely overcrowded festival.

In fact, as organizers announced the start of HBF ticket sales yesterday for the event that takes place in June of next year (really?), people are still inquiring about refunds from this year's beermaggedon. So much for learning from your mistakes.

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Houston Beer Fest

900 Smith St., Houston, TX