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New Taco Website In Town; BYOB at Becks Prime

TACOS—So this exists: It's a website dedicated to tacos in Houston (just in case you didn't get that from the fact that the website's name is [Eaterwire]

ICE CREAM—Eating Our Words has a run down of the new Eatsie Boys ice cream truck and what you can expect to find at this cool, new trailer. The Sweet Corn Shazam sounds intriguing. [EOW]

BURGERS—The Becks Prime opening up soon in the Heights will be BYOB. Sources say they were planning on selling alcohol (even though it's a dry area, they could have done it as a private club), but the license was just too pricey. [Eaterwire]

Photo [Eatsie Boys/Facebook]

Eatsie Boys

2202 Dallas Street, , TX 77003 Visit Website

Beck's Prime

2902 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098 Visit Website