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2nd Annual Bartenders' Showcase Full of Good Booze & Bites

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At this dignified summer cocktail speakeasy, drinking was not about the drunk. It was about raising money for the United States Bartenders' Guild, Houston Chapter, and many a bartender was on hand to help the cause. Restaurants and bars represented in the showcase last night: Haven, The Queen Vic Pub, Double Cross Lounge, Flora and Muse, Soma Sushi, Kata Robata, Hugo's/Backstreet Cafe, Grand Prize Bar, 13 Celsius, Cullen's and Anvil Bar & Refuge.

Hidden away in the back of Mortar: A Men's Clothing Boutique, a one night speakeasy emerged and on tap were seasonal concoctions ready to be sipped, swilled and swirled.

Bartenders used everything from bitters to beet juice as inspiration for their curiosities- some of which were a translucent rum punch and a Poloma-style drink made with aforementioned beets and Fuji apples, which was the color of ripe plums.

Proverbial icing on the cake? Guests were invited to sample an egg shell filled beef tartar and bite into an electric orange and spicy carrot cotton candy, all courtesy of Pilot Light RG. Even Willy Wonka could have died happy and buzzed after last night.

Were you there? What was your favorite drink of the night?

Disclaimer: Hannah Siegel-Gardner is the spouse of Seth Siegel-Gardner of Pilot Light RG.

· Houston USBG [Official Site]
Photo [HouTXUSBG/Twitter]


1911 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX