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Where Chefs Eat Tours Noticed Nationally; Chef Randy Rucker Quits Tweeting

FOOD TOURISM—The Where Chefs Eat tours organized by the Houston Convention and Visitor's Bureau are getting noticed, and not just by Houstonians. Over the weekend the San Francisco Examiner and the Austin American-Statesman ran articles about the chef-led food excursions that visit various "insider" locations depending on the theme of the tour. [SFExaminer, Statesman]

TWITTER QUITTER—Controversial chef Randy Rucker, formerly of James Beard nominated Bootsie's Heritage Cafe in Tomball, has sent his last tweet (supposedly). Over the weekend @greensandbeans sent out this parting statement, "Well boys and girls this is my last tweet. Its been fun but I'm looking forward to not participating..." [Eaterwire]

WORST IDEA—In Food Republic's ongoing column titled, "Worst Idea Ever?" about local chefs Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan of Pilot Light Restaurant Group starting a restaurant in Houston, Gallivan writes about the reason why Houston was chosen: "a vacant restaurant opportunity for the month of August, in Houston, fell in our laps." It seems Houston was never on the pair's radar before as Gallivan also discloses, "I’ll be honest: Houston didn’t even come up [in those early conversations]." [FoodRepub]

MORE SHIT PEOPLE STEAL—In the comments section of the latest Shit People Steal post, a publicist for the restaurant Ouisie's Table clued us in that food truck generators aren't the only things stolen that require lots of effort. Nearly two years ago, one of the owner's treasured paintings was stolen out of the women's restroom during lunch when someone "carried a small crowbar or hammer into the women's restroom of Ouisie's Table and forcibly pried a bolted frame from the wall." Sounds like generator stealers aren't the only "effin assholes" out there. [Eaterwire]

Ouisie's Table

3939 San Felipe St, Houston, TX