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Houston Reacts to Top Chef Texas Omission

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Original photo: eflon/flickr

When Bravo officially confirmed that the next season of Top Chef would be Texas-themed, they also confirmed to many that Houston was not Texas-y enough by leaving the state's largest city off the itinerary. Houstonians had something to say about Bravo's decision and took to Twitter to vent.

Here's a few of your responses.

@sirrong: Serious sour grapes today from Houston tweeps as the new @BravoTopChef Texas was officially announced. Little brother syndrome a la #aggies

@Knife_and_Pen: Anyone else happy topchef isn't coming to make an idiotic embarrassment of Houston?

@abaranowski18: happy to be spared from episodes of tumbleweeds, pop country music and cowboys riding horses [in response to @Knife_and_Pen]

@EatingOurWords: Bite us, Bravo. Bite us all.

@KitchenJesus: pass up Houston for San Antonio??? SERIOUSLY??? Wow. Completely laughable.

@SharonMoves: If they're [Bravo] so completely ignorant about the state of food in Texas I can't see any reason to watch.

@jaimiegraham: BOOO! #Houston #NeedsMorePadma

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