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Houston Barbecue Project Launches Tomorrow to Prove That Houston Barbecue Doesn't Suck

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Out to prove Goode Co. isn't the only Houston barbecue.
Out to prove Goode Co. isn't the only Houston barbecue.

"Self-proclaimed barbecue expert" J.C. Reid is launching the Houston Barbecue Project tomorrow to prove that Houston barbecue doesn't suck.

In preparation for tomorrow's launch, Reid posted a manifesto dedicated to his smoky passion and explained that "we hope to raise the bar (and profile) for barbecue in Houston."

Reid also explains his general theory on judging barbecue of any region or style is "the application of smoke and heat to meat such that the heat cooks the meat properly (moisture is retained and fat is suitably rendered), and the smoke imparts a pleasing and balanced flavor that combines favorably with the natural flavor of the meat."

But he later recants, "the true evaluation of Texas barbecue involves values that cannot be quantified."

· What's Wrong with Houston Barbecue? [J.C. Reid, Texas]

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