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UPDATE: Petrol Station Fires 2 Employees Over 9/11 "Joke"

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In a comment on the Petrol Station incident post, owner Ben Fullelove apologizes for using the word, "retarded" in his previous statement to Eater. He also relays the fact that not one, but two employees were fired over the "Happy Sept. 11th" illustration and a third disciplined. Here's his comment in full:

I am the owner and find it sad that some of the people commenting continue with the hatred and disrespect my employee started. I have apologized for my poor word choice and did not mean to offend anyone. It was a bad situation and I did not have a pr company writing scripts for me. I take full accountability for my actions. 2 employees were terminated and another disciplined over this, however there is a due process when accessing any situation evolving [sic] employees. I understand anyone who wishes not to patronize my business, that is your choice but please don't let a horrible situation continue to bred [sic] hatred with nasty comments.

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The to-go box illustration that started this shit storm. [@OKGhalayini/Twitter]

Petrol Station

985 Wakefield Drive, , TX 77018 (713) 957-2875

Petrol Station

985 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX