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And the Winners Are...

Answering the question in the voice of Paula Deen, "What would you do with the last stick of butter on earth?" the winners of the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show tickets are: CountryGirlintheCity, "Are y'all really making me answer this question? I'd eat the whole stick for dinner in it's purest form, nothing added. [...] Then I'd lick my fingers to make sure I got every last bit of butter. Because there is nothing wrong with lickin' your fingers y'all. Of course, after that I'd just cry myself to sleep knowin' that I just ate the last stick of butter on earth." Winner #2: Sanswhimsy writes, "What doesn't kill you, only makes you butter." We do love puns. Winners, email your contact information to to claim your tickets asap. Thanks for playin, y'all. [Eaterwire]

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