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Bacon, the Restaurant; State Fair Fare; More Meat Theft

Texas State Fair.
Texas State Fair.
Big C Harvey/Flickr

DALLAS—Eater has the details on the new Spread Eagle Saloon, which despite its name will merely be a breastaurant-ish, helps Observer critic and hipster dreamboat Scott Reitz bemoan the city's bad burgers and calls out D Magazine critic Nancy Nichols for fat-shaming and food-scolding people eating fried food at the State Fair. [-EDFW-]

AUSTIN—Eater Austin welcomes a restaurant called Bacon into the world, posts video of a local meat theft ring in action, and introduces Mr. Spriggy, the new singing, dancing Hey Cupcake! mascot. [-EATX-]

SAN ANTONIO—Houston's Lasco Enterprises (The Tasting Room, Max's Wine Dive) will open a restaurant called the Boiler House Grill and Wine Garden in the historic Pearl Brewery. The brewery will also host a Foodways Texas benefit on September 8 featuring The Lodge's Chef Jason Dady and more. [CultureMap, Foodways Official]

STATEWIDE—Shooting feral pigs from helicopters is now officially kosher with the State of Texas, and the official list of fried foods at this year's State Fair of Texas includes fried bubblegum and deep-fried salsa. To top it all off Modernist Cuisine author/technology dude/patent troll Nathan Myhrvold took it upon himself to write up his opinions on Texas barbecue. Happy Labor Day y'all. [-EN-]