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House of Blues Menu Debut; First Taste of Triniti

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aaronsanchez.jpgDOWNTOWN—So, you may already know that House of Blues Houston is getting a menu makeover from chef-lebrity Aaron Sanchez, but now you can taste some of his efforts. The new menu rolls out in their newly named Crossroads restaurant Monday, September 26. [Eaterwire]

HEIGHTS—If you want to taste food from Triniti, chef Ryan Hildebrand's restaurant opening this fall, Monday evening, Sept. 26 is your chance. Only it's not at Triniti, it's at El Gran Malo, and it's not exactly cheap. For drinks (pairings done by the staff of El Gran Malo), food and dessert, it's $110/person. [Eaterwire]

Aaron Sanchez. [Courtesy Photo]


2815 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77098 Visit Website

House of Blues

1204 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77002 713 652 5837

House of Blues

1204 Caroline Street, Houston, TX