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10 Houston Chefs Confess Their Guilty Pleasures

Can you guess whose favorite this is?
Can you guess whose favorite this is?

What do Houston chefs eat when no one is looking? Eater asked 10 established local chefs about their edible guilty pleasures and were surprised by a few. Ready yourself for a healthy cheese to meat ratio, childhood favorites, high fructose corn syrup and minimal prep time.

1) Seth Siegel-Gardner, Pilot Light RG: A spoon full of peanut butter and Nutella in an exact 50/50 ratio.
2) Paul Petronella, Paulie’s : El Rey tacos.
3) Terrence Gallivan, Pilot Light RG: Bacon and tomato grilled cheese, right before eating a burger.
4) Rebecca Masson, Fluff Bake Bar: Little Debbie nutty bars and Red Vines candy.
5) Justin Yu, 10.10.10 Dinners: Shin brand ramen with a piece of Kraft cheese mixed in and an egg on top.

6) Carlos Rodriguez, Vic & Anthony’s: Kraft macaroni and cheese in the original blue box.
7) Chris Shepherd, Underbelly: Cold fried chicken.
8) Randy Rucker, Bootsie's, con?t: Whataburger.
9) Matt Marcus, Eatsie Boys: Flaming Hot Cheetos paired with a Code Red Mountain Dew.
10) Jason Gould, Cyclone Anayas: Marie Callender’s chicken pot pie.