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No Sympathy for Masson's Injury; Water Park Challenge

Houston reality show contestant, Alvin Schultz (recently appearing on Fox's MasterChef, Season 2) follows Houston chef Rebecca Masson as she competes in Top Chef Just Desserts. For the FULL recap, check out Eater National's run down, brought to you by NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream.

tcjd-rebecca.jpgIn the first of this week's challenges, the chefs are asked to create a unique signature candy bar. At the top of the challenges Masson physically collides with chef Carlos Enriquez...sending a shot of pain up her injured arm.

Chef Orlando Santos expresses no sympathy for Masson, saying that she "leans toward the sensitive side of things..." (Not sure if this is the result of editing, or a "Mess With Texas" moment that Santos took in a private interview room.)

With a shocking bang, Masson drops a liquid nitrogen container (generally a BAD thing to drop), but this time Santos and the other chefs come to her aid and help Masson plate her confection. In the final minutes of the Quickfire challenge, Team Masson completes a "Fruit on the Bottom" candy bar: granola, Greek panna cotta, orange marmalade, vanilla, and white chocolate which lands Masson in the top two, but doesn't secure her the win in this week's Quickfire.

Next, the chefs draw popsicles to divide up into three teams. Masson is matched with Katzie Guy-Hamilton and Megan Ketover. Masson is excited about her all-girl team and the elevated water park classics that they'll present the judges at Raging Waters.

Masson's lemon snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich gets good reviews from the judges, judge Danniel Kryllos calls it "nostalgic" and Judge Johnny Izzuni is pleasantly surprised with the texture of Masson's ice cream.

At judge's table, Masson's team is called in first and named the winning team. Katzie's spumoni on a stick gets her a second win. The elimination of chef Amanda Rockman (originally from Katy, TX) brings the competition to eight. And you know what that means: Masson is in the top eight and one episode closer to the finals.

Tune in next week to see what our Sugar Fairy can cook up for Beastie Boy Ad Rock.

Oh, and by the way, did anyone see the preview for Top Chef Texas "coming soon" during last night's episode? *Insert cliché Texan saying here.*

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