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UPDATED Yet Another Food Network Chef in Town

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scott-conant.jpgThere's yet another chef in town of Food Network fame, this time it's this weekend. On Saturday, October 1, outdoor kitchen specialty business, Dali Homes, is hosting chef Scott Conant (you know, he's the really scary judge on Chopped that doesn't like raw onions) at an open house. Conant, who hosts 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, will be cooking a meal for attendees while the Dali Homes salespeople try to get people to remodel/build outdoor kitchens. A publicist for Conant let us know that he does NOT have any Houston plans. At all. And the press release has also been changed to say only "Chef Scotty" will be cooking and signing autographs (whoever that is). [PR Web]
[Scott Conant/Official Website]

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