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8 Restaurant Winners in Some of the More Relevant "Best of Houston" Award Categories

The interior of Samba Grille, aka Best Steakhouse winners.
The interior of Samba Grille, aka Best Steakhouse winners.
Gary R Wise

It's not that we don't care which restaurant has done the best job reviving a genre of cuisine (which is TQLA according to the Houston Press Best Of Houston Awards), it's that some of the categories are incredibly specific. Like, maybe too specific. As in, there's-only-going-to-be-one-possible-candidate-to-win-that-category specific...This list ignores those winners (and a few other relevant ones for the sake of brevity).

1) With the massive numbers of sushi restaurants in town, it must have been tough to sort through them all to come up with the winner of this one. And no, that was not meant as a sarcastic statement, there really are a lot of sushi restaurants here. Best Sushi: Sushi Miyagi.
2) Houston is Burgertown, USA. We can't imagine the controversy surrounding this winner. Best Burger: Plonk.
3) Handmade gnocchi (ZOMG), BYOB and in Spring? Best Italian: Capri Pasta Pizza & More.

4) This one's a doozy, and the broadest of all the categories. Best Restaurant: Da Marco. Looks like Marco Wiles still has the touch.
5) Stay away from the buffets, people. Head here instead. Best Chinese: Chinese Cafe.
6) Lots of pizza, so little time. Best Pizzeria: Pink's Pizza.
7) Lord knows there's a whole lot of them in Houston. It is Texas after all. Best Steakhouse: Samba Grille.
8) People get real intense about their pho, which is why this category is important. Best Pho: Pho Danh.

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