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What Will Always be Remembered as the "Falafel Episode"

Houston reality show contestant, Alvin Schultz (recently appearing on Fox's MasterChef, Season 2) follows Houston chef Rebecca Masson as she competes in Top Chef Just Desserts. For the FULL recap, check out Eater National's run down, brought to you by NYC's Big Gay Ice Cream.

tcjd-rebecca.jpgWhat's your favorite flavor for dessert? Is it burdock root? Tumeric? Or maybe potato like Rebecca Masson was forced to use in this week's Quickfire challenge. At the top of the show, the remaining seven chefs meet guest judge Jordan Khan, chef/owner of LA's Red Medicine. Known for his use of non-traditional dessert ingredients Khan challenges the chefs to pick a root vegetable from the Top Chef garden to feature in their Quickfire dessert.

Masson digs up a potato as I'm sure she's thinking, "What freakin dessert features a potato?!" An hour later, Masson presents her interpretation of "Frosties and French Fries" - julienned fries, malted milk ice cream, and chocolate sauce. Sadly, Masson's dessert gets called out as one of Khan's least favorites of the day.

For the elimination challenge, the chefs meet Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz. Masson confesses her 24-year crush on Ad Rock, but the smiles quickly turn to confusion as the "Beastie Boys Pantry" is wheeled out. Masson picks "a forty and some ham" as her two Beastie Boy lyric inspired ingredients. All is good until Gail pulls out the sabotage. Each chef gets to pick a third ingredient to give to another competitor. Masson is "gifted" falafel by quick fire winner Sally Camacho.

Before Masson presents her dessert, she gets Ad Rock to sign her ninja cast -- an awesome show memento. Her falafel panna cotta with ham pecan brittle and 40oz. ice cream do not impress. Judge Johnny Izzuni says he's "blasted in the face with garlic." She definitely got a thorn in her side with the falafel sabotage.

At judge's table, Masson is called up in the bottom three along with Megan Ketover and Katzie Guy-Hamilton. Despite being up against french fries with dipping sauce, and cake with a side of onions, there's no sweet dessert for Masson. She's gets "souped" as Houston lets out a collective "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

She leaves on a happy note, telling the remaining six "I love all your hair, and I hope you all win". Masson says she'll still fight for her right to party, but don't expect to see her munching on a falafel soon.

Our home town favorite represented Houston extremely well, proving that she's crafty by beating thousands to make it into the top 7. You can pick up her tasty treats most days at Revival Market. Get the macarons- they're AWESOME.

Programming note: several Houston chefs will be participating and competing this weekend in the Star Chef's International Chefs Congress this weekend, and I'll be there to cheer them on...check back here for all local coverage of the event in NYC.

While Eater Houston won't be doing any more Top Chef Just Desserts recaps from here on out, you can always catch the weekly write up on Eater National.

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