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Liquid Gold Hospitality Responds to Tycer: "The Facts as he Represented Them are not True."

There's more in the back and forth between Scott Tycer and Liquid Gold Restaurant Group over who is to blame for the closure of Gravitas. In the letter sent to the restaurant's now former employees, Tycer's camp claimed that "The closure is driven by the failure of Liquid Gold Hospitality, under the terms of our Operating Agreement with them, to maintain current payments on our bank note." Stephen Ross, owner of Liquid Gold and apparent Texans fan, disagrees: "The operation was returned to Mr. Tycer in better financial condition."

It is unfortunate that Mr. Tycer has chosen to place his private circumstance in the public media, again. The facts as he represented them are not true, unwarranted, and have no basis whatsoever. Coconut Grove, Ltd. increased the operating revenues at Gravitas dramatically and resolved many issues at the restaurant. The management agreement was terminated at the end of October. The operation was returned to Mr. Tycer in better financial condition. Mr. Tycer has chosen to close the restaurant for his own reasons, none of which involve Coconut Grove, Ltd or Liquid Gold Hospitality Group, LLC. GO TEXANS

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