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Updated List of Dog Friendly Patios in Houston

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Spotted at Barnaby's on Woodway.
Spotted at Barnaby's on Woodway.
Paws on Patios/Facebook

So you want to take your dog to dinner. Where to go? Here's the most recent list of dog approved patios in the city (thanks for the heads up Paws on Patios), and you don't even have to click on that pesky City of Houston website to know which ones. As restaurants become approved, we'll add them to this list and repost every time 2 - 3 more places are added.

Know of a place that's put in an application and is just awaiting confirmation? Tell us in the comments.

Ziggy's Bar & Grill - 302 Fairview
Baby Barnaby's - 604 Fairview
Hugo's - 1600 Westheimer
Little Bigs - 2703 Montrose
Canopy - 3939 Montrose, Ste C

River Oaks:
Barnaby's Cafe - 1701 S. Shepherd
Backstreet Cafe - 1103 S. Shepherd
Tila's Restaurante & Bar - 1111 S. Shepherd

BlackFinn American Grille - 1910 Bagby, Ste 100

Ziggy's Bar & Grill - 702 Main

Barnaby's Cafe - 5750 Woodway

· Paws on Patios [Facebook]
· City of Houston [Official Site]
· All Paws on Patios Coverage on Eater Houston [EHOU]

Baby Barnabys

602 Fairview, Houston, Texas 77006 713-522-4229


1600 Westheimer Road, , TX 77006 (713) 524-7744 Visit Website

Little Bigs

2703 Montrose Boulevard, Houston, TX 77006 832 830 8970

Tila's Restaurante & Bar

1111 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77019 713 522 7654 Visit Website

BlackFinn American Grille

1910 Bagby Street, Houston, TX 77002 713 651 9550

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