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Lawsuit Alleges Property Owner Towed Twin Peaks Customers' Cars, Violating Shared Parking Agreement

The owners of the land off Kirby on which Twin Peaks is built (they lease to the restaurant) and the property that leases to Cafe Japon and Taco Cabana across the street are in a parking dispute which has now resulted in a lawsuit.

The owner of the Twin Peaks land is requesting a restraining order against the company and owner of the tract of land directly across the street after an incident where it was alleged "5 cars were towed from the [...] parking areas [at the Taco Cabana/Cafe Japon property] of which were owned by the customers of Twin Peaks."

The lawsuit claims that the towing, along with other incidents, was a violation of a mutual agreement involving parking, drafted in 1991 when the property was divided into its current tracts as part of a divorce settlement between the two respective owners. The agreement (quoted in the lawsuit) stated that neither "will take or permit any action or omission which causes any change in current customer parking."

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Photo: Parking spaces, a hot commodity. [Benson Kua/Flickr]

Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks

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