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A Video of Ronnie Killen and Jeremy Perrine Making Siphon Coffee at the James Beard Dinner Re-creation

Last night, chef Ronnie Killen and his very talented staff re-created the "Steakhouse Holiday" dinner he prepared at the James Beard House in NYC this past December, but this time on his home turf in Pearland. To read about the actual dishes, check out this recap from Culturemap's Sarah Rufca, where it could be said she thought the dinner was GTFO-good.

A very unique table side service called siphon coffee (manned in part by owner of Pearland Coffee Roasters, Jeremy Perrine), using a setup that looked like it came from the local high school science lab; complete with Bunsen burners, infrared thermometers and glass beakers ended the dinner. In case you're wondering, the gal asking questions in the background is Miya Shay, a reporter for KTRK, who was in attendance last night.

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