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Hubcap Grill Meets with Yelper Who Left Negative Review, Comes to 'Cease Fire'

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Gary R Wise

So, maybe you heard about the little controversy between Ricky Craig, owner of Houston burger darling, Hubcap Grill, a crazy Saturday where the 19th Street location sold out of burgers by 6 p.m., and a Yelp review that criticized them for it. Well, the controversy is over, but the anti-Yelp party the incident spawned is still in the works.

Tuesday evening, Craig met with Yelper, Ken M., who has since announced via Twitter that they've come "to a cease fire and a truce," and changed his review to reflect their meet and greet. Here's an excerpt from the updated version.

Tonight I met the Owner of Hubcap Grill. [...]

My global impression is that he is a passionate owner of a successful restaurant. He has some challenges that he is facing head on and addressing them the best he can. He proved that to me tonight. My last review was a little harsh, but as you can see, I am passionate about my burgers and beyond disappointed about being turned away so early on a Saturday. BUT the fact is that he had no choice. The mere popularity of the Grill and physics caused him to call it a night far ealier than he wanted. Believe me, thats a good problem to have, especially when you can fix it, as he is in process of doing. [...]

My issues with place are in the past. Tonight, the Staff was friendly and the owner showed courage, dedication and passion for his brand by meeting with me to address my concerns.

I am happy and confident to say "Come to Hubcap Grill." [...]

You should definitely NOT be disappointed in the food, so give it a try! If you like it let Ricky know, if you dont, still let him know because he wants to know.

Even though Ken M. is still using Yelp as his method of review, a tweet from Craig promises "he will be attending the Hubcap Anti-Yelp Party."

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