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Reality Show, Wannabe Chef, Filming in Houston

L: chef Rafael Galindo, R: Adam Longworth.
L: chef Rafael Galindo, R: Adam Longworth.
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Adam Longworth has come a long way to learn how to be a chef. He's the strapping young Englishman hosting—or as he says in his charming accent, "presenting"—a new reality show filming in Houston called Wannabe Chef.

The important part, where Longworth spent 30 days under the direction of Cafe Red Onion chef/owner, Rafael Galindo, to go from casual home kitchen cook to a competent, commercial kitchen chef was filmed throughout the month of December. Now the production crew and Longworth are just filling in some of the storyline.

While the premise of a 30-day turnaround from home cook to chef is simple, the challenges Longworth endured were not. While he remained tight-lipped on the show specifics because the production company is still shopping it to British television networks, he did tell us one of the challenges he completed involved cooking for royalty.

We flew to Honduras for two days and cooked for the Princess of Belgium, and that was in a kitchen which was just a house kitchen. It was a five course gourmet meal [for 35-40 people]. So that was a tough challenge.

Now that the intensity of the cooking challenges are over, Longworth reflected on his month-long adventure and told us what he felt was the hardest part: "Being told what to do, constantly by Rafael. His standards are just sky-high. It was frustrating having to bite my tongue."

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